In the current shop owner tool, we can list NFTs (on the market and in the shop) one by one.
It would be nice to be able to bulk-list many NFTs in one go. Either just to whatever slot available/queue, or
  1. Simplest solution (from the top of my head): Bulk list X NFTs in one go and they are displayed in whatever slots are available and/or the queue.
  2. Harder/superpower solution: Bulk X NFTs in one go and have them in a queue in a specified slot
  3. Imba solution: List a bulk of NFTs through the selected slots. This way I could list 500 cat NFTs in slot 1 & 2, and 500 dog NFTs in slot 3-10.
for point 2 and 3:
When the bulk of NFTs are allocated to a specified slot(s), those slots should no longer be tied to the general "queue" of the shop. The slots should be "reserved" to the specific "bulk listings".
There might be way better solutions to it, but in general:
In the current shop owner tool it is a very manual process to list hundreds of NFTs.
PS: I would not consider this suggestion a super high priority at the moment, but definitely something to keep in mind going forwards and something that would be very helpful for business owners expecting a high volume of transactions.